The Accounting and Management Review (AMR) seeks to publish high-quality quantitative and qualitative research on accounting and management from various theoretical and methodological perspectives. In doing so, the journal aims to be a platform for researchers and practitioners to disseminate knowledge in the wide fields of accounting and management. AMR welcomes submissions of original research papers relating to any country or region, both in the public and business sectors.

Topics of interest to the journal, include, but are by no means limited to, the following:

  • Public financial management
  • Budgeting
  • Public and third sector accounting
  • Public management
  • Public value accounting
  • Financial reporting
  • Sustainability reporting
  • International accounting and reporting standards
  • Non-financial reporting standards
  • Corporate governance
  • Management and accounting change
  • Management control
  • Accounting for strategic management
  • Performance management
  • Management controls for sustainability and the environment
  • Accounting and sustainable development goals (SDGs)
  • Accounting education
  • Auditing and assurance
  • Taxation
  • Digitalization, management, and accounting
  • Accounting profession
  • Accounting history
  • Accounting theory and practice

Other types of publications such as reviews of books, case studies, discussions of literature, and PhD abstracts are also pursued to supplement the publication of research articles.



To foster high-impact research on practices at the interface of accounting and management that reach diverse audiences (academics, practitioners, accountants, policy-makers, and managers in public and private sectors) in different countries and regions, with a particular interest in research that can contribute to the good of society and the betterment of World.

The Accounting and Management Review embraces the following set of values:

  • Well synergize research, theory, and practice
  • Community engagement
  • Sustainable development
  • Impactful research
  • Industry responsiveness