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The Accounting and Management Review (AMR) seeks to publish high-quality quantitative and qualitative research on accounting and management from a variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives. In doing so, the journal aims to be a platform for researchers and practitioners to disseminate knowledge in the wide fields of accounting and management. AMR welcomes submissions of original research papers and substantive research articles relating to any country or region, both in the public and business sectors.



Maria João Major (Author)


Relationship of the rating of the companies with the forecast error of market analysts

Rafael Confetti Gatsios, Gabriella Minati Ribeiro, Fabiano Guasti Lima, Vinicius Magnani (Author)

Cash conversion cycle across industries

Bárbara Reis Costa, Leonor Fernandes Ferreira (Author)

The impacts of IFRS 16 on airlines

José Ribeiro, Francisco Ribeiro, Fernando Ribeiro (Author)

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